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This page is an archive of fun photos from Halloween 2009.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

Welcome to Halloween at the Crossroads!

Here is a set of photos from Halloween 2009. To see scenes from previous years, please click on the link to Halloween 2000-2021.

~ The Witch's Garden - The Eight Days of Halloween ~

Day One: Groundbreaking

Day 2: Preparing the bed

Later that day...a change in the weather!

Day 3: Seedlings

Baby brooms, fungi and deadheads

Baby brooms, fungi and deadheads

Early crops


Annuals and vegies

Day 5-planting complete!

Filling the birdbath

Darkness creeps in on Day 5

Day 6:An alarming weather forecast

Day 7: The weather officially sucks

Halloween will not be ruined!

Halloween Morn! The garden has sprouted!

Jumbo deadheads


Oh oh, harvest time....

Halloween night~photos by Billie Barthelemy

Ghosts aglow


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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