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This page is an archive of fun photos from Halloween 2000-2021.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

Welcome to Halloween at the Crossroads!

To make a long story short, in the spring of 2000 my family and our neighbors adopted a little patch of earth at the intersection of two tiny dirt roads as a meeting place. We named it the Crossroads, and we have had many interesting and hilarious times there-but that story is for another time. Though the two roads are very quiet, I decided our Crossroads was the perfect spot to create a halloween scene for the neighborhood to enjoy, and I've done one every year since. They range from rather simple to very elaborate, and as the figures are life size, they are quite a departure from the tiny things I make every day. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and check back for news of this year's scene!

~ Spook Soup ~

This is the second scene-sadly I have no photos of the first. I remember that I had planned a far more complex scene, but my car broke down and I had to slap the whole thing together in an hour and a half.

The female head, named Mom, was part of a costume I made many years ago;I created a male counterpart for her named Carlos. Look for them to reappear in other guises!

~ Picnic ~

Amazing what you can do with a pile of old sheets!

~ The Pumpkinhead Family Portrait ~

This is one of my most elaborate creations, and my personal favorite. I don't think I've carved a Jack O'Lantern since!

This being northern Minnesota, the next morning brought a surprise!

~ The Future Holds Treats! ~

Two Trick-or-Treaters see a productive Halloween in the gypsy's crystal ball.

~ The Crossroads Cemetery ~

Cardboard boxes, duct tape, a lot of white paint and a big dose of my family's sick sense of humor! The shimmering ghosts are made from dry cleaning bags.

Baseball fans will appreciate this tombstone, and recognize the passed out figure behind it as a NY Yankees fan.

In honor of NPR's Car Talk guys. Don't drive like my brother!

Lazarus's stone reads "Better to have died and failed than never to have died at all". The tiny stone says, " A. "Wood" Chuck-May He Rest in Peas". Humor at its worst!

~ Bonfire ~

Two years ago I had planned a very detailed restaurant scene for Halloween, but the day before the holiday the weather forecast began to warn of rain, snow, cold and high winds. I revised my plans and came up with this happy bunch. I put all the characters together in one day, which wouldn't have been possible without my 3 huge boxes of "DNA", as we call all the heads, arms, feet, wigs, rubber spiders, and other objects that I've collected over the years. These folks reminded me of cold nights spent with friends around a roaring fire. A couple of people who visited commented that they had a creepy feeling that I was wearing one of those costumes, and was sitting there watching them. Wish I'd thought of that!

Sometimes cameras have minds of their own...the spooks aren't REALLY on fire...

~ The Summons ~

I set this scene up over a period of several days, just to give folks something to think about!

~ Hell's Kitchen 2008 ~

Reserved for YOU!

Happy Halloween!

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