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I have already received as many holiday orders as I dare accept for this season. If you wish to order for the new year please email me if you have a specific timeline. I do hope to add pieces to my Etsy shop as time permits, so check in from time to time.

Catalog Of Handmade Miniature Fabric Animals


Here in the Catalog (click on images above) you'll find an extensive listing of pieces that you may order for future delivery. The Bunnies collection offers whimsical portrayals of rabbits engaged in various amusing human pursuits. Mini Miniatures presents a selection of my tiniest bunnies and animals, most of them under 1" high. Ornaments and Snowpeople celebrate the joy of Christmas and brighten the cold winter months. Exotic Species and American Animals are highly realistic representations drawn directly from the natural world. The Birds collection features delicate replicas of the creatures that inhabit the air.

As each animal is made individually and by hand, please expect some small variations. It may take up to six weeks to complete your order; please e-mail for an estimate of delivery time.

I am now offering a line of greeting cards featuring my own photos of my animals! I'll be offering new designs regularly, so visit the new Greeting Cards page often.

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Please note: these handmade items are not meant as toys for young children - tiny things for BIG people!