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This page is an archive of fun photos from Christmas 2012.
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~ Scandinavian Christmas ~

Minnesota is home to a great many people of Scandinavian descent, myself included. As the story goes, immigrants from the Nordic countries found themselves in Minnesota, thought it looked just like home, and decided to stay. I love the rich traditions that we have inherited, and am having fun incorporating them into my creations!

I've found many different versions of a "Scandinavian Santa". I chose this one, modelled after a figurine that was given to me, because I loved the color combinations. The gifts are my own ideas - things I thought essential! Santa holds a hand-embroidered Dala Horse, a gift from Sweden. Among the presents at his feet, a cutting board decorated with Norwegian rosemaling and, of course, LEFSE!

Scandinavian Santa
3" in diameter, about 4" high

Lefse may be the ultimate Scandinavian treat! A potato dough rolled out thin and baked on a hot griddle, lefse may be spread with butter or sprinkled with sugar, and then rolled up and enjoyed. Some folks use it like a tortilla, rolling up such things as cheese, vegies, peanut butter or tuna. Not sure this is traditional, but it can be VERY good! The lefse these bunnies have made is hand embroidered.

I ♥ Lefse
3 1/2" tall

Uff-da (Green Apron)
3 1/2" tall

Uff-da (Blue Apron)
3 1/2" tall

Greeting cards make great stocking stuffers. These collections contain 12 cards, 1 each of 12 different designs, and come already decorated for gift-giving.

Greeting Card Gift Collection


Gnome with Twins
2" base, about 2.5" tall

Story Time
3" X 3" base, about 4" tall

Snow Cookies
3.5" tall

3.5" tall

Photos by Alice Strand
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