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This page is an archive of photos from Election Season 2012.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

~ The New T-shirt ~

Hand embroidered Obama-wear!

By popular request, a couple of larger supporters have joined the Bunnies for Obama campaign. The excitement continues to grow! These two (above and below) stand tall at about 3 1/2".

~ Obama Buttons ~

Wear them with pride!

~ Tiny Bunnies For Obama ~

1 " tall

Yes, it's another election year, and the bunnies are out in force promoting their favorite candidate. Health care, equal rights and carrots for all! This little campaign worker stands just 1" high and holds a hand embroidered sign with his candidate's name and logo.

Photo by Alice Strand
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Please note: these handmade items are not meant as toys for young children - tiny things for BIG people!