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This page is an archive of photos from Halloween 2011.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

~ Halloween At The Crossroads 2011 ~

As many of you know, every year I do a spooky scene at a quiet crossing of two small dirt roads in my neighborhood. This year I thought it would be fun for you to watch it develop, especially as it is inspired by a top news story. Check in every day or so to see what is new at the protest!

October 24: Spread the word!

October 25: The first act of civil disobedience.

October 26: Protesters from all walks of "LIFE" begin to arrive, including families with small children.

October 27: He arrived under cover of darkness. I believe he is a friend of my sister's.

October 28: They continue to come. Some appear saddened by the burden of their mission, while others are weary from a long journey.

October 29: The arrival of a grim messenger.

Has the press gotten wind of this?

October 30: The excitement builds! Thanks to my sister Billie, another species is heard from.

A small but powerful voice.

Sustenance for the souls.

Another of the many sad stories being told here at Occupy the Crossroads.

What will tomorrow bring?

October 30: Halloween Eve: The Souls of England Occupy the Corner. Photo by the extraordinary Vivienne Morgan, bearer of the British flag, who somehow appears 4 times in this picture...

October 31: It's Halloween!

It appears that last night's English souls had quite an effect on Little Mr. Gnome!

I believe all the protesters have arrived, including another mother who fears for the future of her family.

A desparate newcomer.

Almost time to light the lights!

October 31 Evening: Happy Halloween!

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