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This page is an archive of offerings from Christmas 2008.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

~ Food and Friends ~

Sharing-the true spirit of Christmas! These little bunnies have thoughtfully brought their woodland friends all their favorite treats!

~ Squirrel's Buffet ~

Even the pesky squirrel deserves a holiday meal! Bunny delivers a basket full of all the GOOD things- corn, seeds and nuts, all made of thread!

1 3/4"

~ Red Berries, Red Bird ~

A hand sculpted cardinal eyes a thread basket full of thread berries!

1 3/4"

~ Mousie Deli ~

While most forest critters prefer wild nuts and berries, these tiny mice thrive on cheese and cracker hors d'oeuvre!

1 3/4"

~ Roll On! ~

Here's the latest addition to my collection of tiny bunnies moving BIG things-in this case, the much maligned fruitcake! It's hard to tell if he can't wait to get it home to eat it, or if he's desperately trying to get it out of the house. The fruitcake is entirely hand embroidered, nuts, raisins, fruit and all!

Bunny is about 7/8" tall

~ Around the World ~

These little ornaments were inspired by a recent visit to the Bronx Zoo-what wonders we saw there!. I really didn't intend to get so involved with the embroidery on the stockings, but the colors and patterns I found while researching these designs were so beautiful! Stockings have nylon thread loops for hanging, and I think they would also be lovely in a shadow box or little picture frame.

~ Koalas ~

This little Australian family munches on one of the many types of eucalyptus-in this case, made of thread! The hand embroidery on the stocking was inspired by an Aboriginal design.

2 1/4" tall

~ Zebra ~

Hard to believe such creatures exist! It was fun to try to find bits of fabric that fit with the hand embroidered African patterns.

2" tall

~ Giraffe ~

The giraffes were in such fine form when we were at the zoo-we laughed and laughed at their gangly antics. This one has just the right expression. He's hand painted, and rests in a stocking with designs from his homeland.

About 3" tall

Photos by Alice Strand
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