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This page is an archive of offerings from Fall 2010.
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Habitats 2010

A whooping crane and great blue heron have been available on my catalog bird page for some time, but recently I've been experimenting with the little environments these birds reside in, and with positioning a pair of birds together on one base. The habitats are all created with fabric, stuffing and thread-even the rocks are soft! All are available by special order. As always, delivery time may vary, so email me if time is a factor.

~ Whooping Crane ~

The whooping crane is rebounding from near extinction, much to the joy of bird lovers everywhere!

Single Whooping Crane
4" tall - $125 (USD)
Whooping Crane Pair
4" tall - $250(USD)

~ Great Blue Heron ~

The great blue heron is one of the most spectacular feathered residents of the northwoods.

Great Blue Heron
4" tall - $135(USD)
Great Blue Heron Pair
4" tall - $270(USD)

~ Sandhill Crane ~

The sandhill crane is the newest addition to the bird collection. A pair nests near my home every year, and the noise they make at 5 AM is quite astionishing!

Sandhill Crane
4" tall - $125(USD)
Sandhill Pair
4" tall - $250(USD)

Photos by Alice Strand
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