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This page is an archive of offerings from Christmas 2009.
Please see current Gallery Page for what's new.

Christmas 2009

~ Small World Stockings ~

~ Feathered Friends ~

Each tiny bird is sewn entirely by hand and embellished with hand applique, embroidery and fabric paint. A wonderful gift for birdlovers!

~ Christmas Gardener ~

This sock has everything for those who are already planning their gardens for next spring! Tiny tools, seed packets, and even a garden gnome-perfect for those of us who just can't wait!

~ Mousie's Sweet Dream ~

Four tiny mice find everything they've ever wished for-sweet bread, Swiss cheese, popcorn and a cheddar cheese ball!

~ Vintage Birds ~

~ Mallard Duck ~

There are at least 18 separate pieces of fabric in this beautiful little duck!

3 1/4" long

~ Canada Goose ~

Body and Wings are made of corduroy fabric;features are hand embroidered and appliqued.

4" long

~ Common Loon ~

This replica of our beautiful Minnesota state bird is sewn from several different cotton print fabrics, and has appliqued and embroidered features.

4" long

~ Loon and Chick ~

Baby loons really do ride on their mothers' backs, though I have taken some liberties with the coloring of this one! The baby is firmly stitched to the adult's back.

4" long

~ Coffee Break ~

Oh, my. It appears that "Santa" was so eager to enjoy his coffee break (and donut) that he forgot someone might be watching! This hilarious sculpture tells a story that sooner or later all children hear in one way or another. A Christmas classic!

5" diameter, 4" tall

~ Snowpeople ~

~ Polar Pair ~

A couple of beings with a lot in common!

2 1/2" high

~ White Christmas ~

What does a snowman want for Christmas? Snowballs, of course, and this fellow go exactly what he wished for in his stocking!

2 1/2" high

~ A Snowman's Best Friend ~

A snowman's best friend? A snowdog, naturally! Pup eagerly anticipates his holiday gift - a snowbone!

2 1/2" high

~ Giftwrap ~

Where ever did he find that giftwrap? This happy little snowman has a loop for hanging on your tree, or he can decorate your holiday table.

2 1/2" high

~ Cookie ~

Snowman thinks his frosty gingerbread boy is way too cute to eat! He comes with a snowy base to sit on your table and also has a loop for hanging.

2 1/2" high

Photos by Alice Strand
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Please note: these handmade items are not meant as toys for young children - tiny things for BIG people!